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Aug 16, 2017
I apologize for the delay. Was a busier week than I anticipated.

So what's Ranger Clash?

Ranger Clash is an offline event hosted by Power Ranger fans but shared with the online fandom.

There are 2-5 teams. Each team chooses who they want to be.

Do you want to be a team of 6 green rangers? 3 blue rangers? All female? All male? Etc Etc. The combinations are endless. It's your choice!

The teams are then set out to defeat each other using anything from paintballs of the color of your character or team, or mock weapons of your choice.

For extra fun you can make it a free-for-all where everyone is against everyone. There are however, no villain teams (such as Mesogog, Zedd, etc.). Only Ranger teams.

So where do you do this? Anywhere you want!

Ok, so it sounds fun...but rather simple. So what makes it different?

Simple. Anyone can join in at any time. All they have to do is yell 'Ranger Clash, Power of (insert color)!' and do your character pose. They can join whichever side they want, but can't switch sides once in.

Where you decide to have the battles are up to you, but obviously be respectful of personal property, of others that don't wish to participate, and don't go breaking any laws.

Teams will be able to be created on the Ranger Clash website soon and promoted there alone with discussions, times, locations, etc.

Oh, and record it all to share with others on the forum!

So ok. Make teams or individual battle royals. Also create team or character designs. Check.

Choose own location, but it can be in a public place. (Avoid the obvious like churches, graveyards, etc.) Check. (This is a worldwide event. EVERYONE can participate!)

Use mock weapons of your choice in public. But respect those not wanting to participate. Check.

Record the event and share on the forum, the official Facebook page, and create a group to create other Ranger Clashes in. Check. all of these pretty simple and basic is there is a prize?! Yes!

There are 2 levels. The prize decided upon by the team. And the prize by us!

Every few months with the help of the community, we will reward the team with the best Ranger Clash video and presence overall with some cool swag.

The cool thing is that even though we recommend small teams, they can grow to be as large as you want! Yes, random people can join in!

If you know of ways to improve the experience then by all means leave feedback!

This is a Power Ranger community effort offline and a great way to meet other Power Ranger fans. Have fun with it. Try new things and share them with us. We may just make them official!

(Personally paint balls with the color of your character or team would be best. But be creative and have fun and share it with the world!)

Let us know your thoughts.

Over the coming weeks you'll see changes to the forum to help accommodate these things and better help Ranger Clashers. Ultimately its success depends on you. But we're here to help.

Let's see what you've got. Any question, post 'em!
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Aug 16, 2017
Side note.

The forum will transition away from being an up to date PR news source. There are plenty of those out there, though we will still share news it may not be as up to date.

You will soon also see a completely new look for the forum to start the transition to accommodate the Ranger Clash!

PRE will now fade into history. The Ranger Clash has begun!