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Power Rangers SPD: Destruction of Earth


"I got it."

Caleb exhaled through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare outward. He didn't like this idea any more than Braxton did. Then again, it didn't matter. They had no choice at this point. Getting Lindy back was the only thing that was important to them all. It was the only time that these two would share any common interest. Sacrifices were needed to be made. He blinked his eyes a few times before shifting them to meet Braxton's. 

A sharp pain shot through his forehead. Caleb had to fight the urge to wince or blink. He fought the urge to show any kind of weakness.

Charlie smiled at Elena, giving her a small wave to follow her. "C'mon," She said, nodding her head towards Kat and Bridge. "They're going to show us the way to the safe house. Since you're here to protect us, I guess that means you have to come along."

Bridge watched intensely as Caleb and Braxton. "Do we have to leave right this second?" He mused. "I kind of want to see this and how it works."


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"I like her." Elena said, turning her head and glanced behind her. "She's nice and not afraid of me. Humans usually go running."

Ares smiled, shifting his weight to relieve the pressure that was beginning to build up. He passes his hand through his hair, pushing it away from his eyes and looked at Charlie. "She says she likes you; you're nice and not afraid of her. It's a nice change for once. You're not running for the hills."

Elena heard Bridge and scuffed her response. Her eyes flickered. "If he wants to know how it works I'm more than willing to connect. It won't hurt...much."

"One scatter brain for the day is enough, Elena." He told her, trying to shield the smirk that was beginning to show. He looked at Bridge. "Be careful what you wish for, Elena's to eager to connect with someone."

"Steal my fun away from me why don't you." She grumbled a growl out before looking away and waited for them to get a move on.

Braxton took a deep breath through his nose and released it. He lowered his hind legs and sat down on the ground. As much as he hated the thought of being connected to Caleb, his thoughts will no longer be his own, it was the only way. Communication was the key if the red ranger was to follow. Being in wolf form was the only way he would be able to find his sister. His senses were deeply heighten when the wolf was in charge. But unlike his sister, Braxton and his wolf were one.

He tilted his head up just enough for their eyes to find each other. Instant pull he could feel as the barriers that surrounded his link began to pull away from him and searched out the man before him. He pictured himself in both forms, man and wolf walking through the tunnel to the light up ahead pushing his way through the fog that stood in his way. Warmth began to flow through his body the deeper he went into Caleb's mind. He could feel the barrier shatter and the thin line connect, forming the link he was searching for. The impact slams into him, leaving him winded.
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Charlie smiled at Elena. She felt at ease around her. That was the best way that she could describe it. "I like her too."

Caleb ignored this. He inhaled deeply, allowing his head to tilt backwards. He wasn't going to like what was going to happen next, that he was sure of. Still, he knew it was the only way that they could find her. It was the only way to get her back. He exhaled sharply, his eyes snapping open. He felt his fists curl tight, his fingernails digging into the palms of his hands.

He gritted his teeth as he felt the link start to build. The pain intensified. He fought the urge to cry out, not wanting to risk any form of judgment from Braxton. Though Caleb was sure Braxton would know he was feeling pain anyway.

Bridge stood speechless for one singular moment. "I'm so glad we stayed for this..." He broke his own silence, speaking aloud to no one in particular.


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It took Braxton a moment to clear his head and regain his thoughts. Not often did he create the bonding link with others, they were sacred to his pack and his people. His attempt though was flawless, sensing Caleb inside his head. "We must go now." He eased his words into the young man's mind. He turned towards the direction he had come and took off. "Lindy needs us."


A wave of sadness watched over them as they watched their leader and the wolf disappear into the darkness leaving them alone.

Kat said a silent prayer that Caleb would return to them. And Lindy too. She couldn't imagine what it must be like to feel so broken inside. She hopes that they would get to her in time.

She sighed softly and turned to face her small group of survivors. "We should go." She told them. " The safe house is this way. " She pointed to her right. "It's not far." She than looked at Ares. "Are you able to walk? " She asked, not knowing just how deep the damage was.

Ares nodded his head. "I might be slow but I can walk." He said.

"If not, I can always caring you on my back." Elena spoke softly which made him laugh and than groan as a sharp pain stuck him in his side.

"Not funny, El. Not funny at all."

Elena bobbed her head and scuffed a sound that almost sounded like laughter. "Yes it is."

Ares stuck his tongue out and gasped. "Are you laughing at me?" He asked, mock hurt displayed on his face before his smile reached his eyes.

"I would never.... " But the giggle he heard in his head told him otherwise.


The sound of his voice coming through his head made Caleb uneasy. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. This was going to take some getting used to. He ran his tongue over the back of his teeth in annoyance.

"Lead the way," He said aloud.

Caleb groaned and shook his head. He still had to get himself used to the idea of this type of conversation. He inhaled sharply through his nose, is nostrils flaring outward.

"Sorry. Lead the way." He extended his arm forward, gesturing for Braxton to begin.


"Yeah....this is going to take some getting used to," Bridge nodded his head towards the wolf with Ares. "I know that she's communicating telepathically with him, which is really cool and all, but I swear it's like he's talking to himself."

Charlie made her way towards Ares, placing her hand gently on his back. "I'll keep the pace with you," She said warmly. "I know you've got Elena here with you, but an extra set of hands wouldn't hurt. Just in case you need some help or something," She licked her lips. She wasn't exactly sure how helpful she could actually be for him, but it was something at least.

"Alright then!" Bridge's voice rang out. His eyes widened as he realized just how loud his volume was; he didn't want to draw too much attention to them now. They were definitely down a few bodies at this point. He lowered his voice slightly. "Alright then. Let's get going."


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Hearing his voice inside his head made Braxton snort and he quickly shook his head. "I can hear you perfectly well if you choose to speak out loud." He told him as they made their way away from the group and deeper into the woods. "You don't have to do it mentally. I prefer if you don't if you don't mind." His request was just a suggestion, having another who was just as powerful as he was deep in his thoughts was something he wasn't use too. The way he felt when he was connected with Ares was nothing compare to having Caleb so close to him. His strength and determination to stand up and push forward was strong. His will to fight even when all seems hopeless hangs in the balance and if given the chance he would exceed. It kinda reminds him of himself when he was a young pup. And in a way he admirers him for it.

But it wasn't the only thing he felt, his job was priority. His honor and determination to protect the innocent was his duty. Braxton knew that long before he became bonded but he also felt love. Love for his sister unlike anything he has ever experienced. And it scared him.

Braxton dared not to say anything. Arguing about whether or not he loved Lindy and hated that they were apart was the least of his concerns; getting her back was.

When they were deep enough into the woods and away from the others Braxton slowed to a walk. His nose went to the ground and he started to sniff his surroundings. Pushing past the rabbits and deer close by and the squirrel that was in the bushes. The earthly smells of dirt and trees, greenery that laid on the forest floor. The lingering smell of humans running still graced the bottom and it took him a moment to push them aside before his wolf wanted to go find them.

He gruffed when Lindy's scent touched his nose. "She went this way."


Jason evil. Jason demon. Jason bad. She kept repeating to herself pacing back and forth. And than taking off running. Anger. Hatred. Loss for control sent her spiraling down into the dark pits of rage.

"He deceived us." Her wolf growled as she spoke to her human counterpart. "He lied to us for all these years."

Lindy remained quiet, allowing her wolf to stay in the forefront. The pain was too much for her to take. Jason was one of few people she truly cared about, who knew everything about her. Her secrets. Her desires. Her needs. She loved him, there was no question about it. She did as a sister loved her brothers.

Now he turns out to be the very thing that they have been fighting, the very thing that they despise.

She sinks deeper into despair.

Her eyes narrowed. "We will find him." Her wolf spoke darkly a slow rumble vibrates through her chest. "We will kill him."


His smile reached every aspect of his face. His eyes, his mouth even the small dimples in his chin. And when he looked at her he couldn't help but to smile even more. "Thanks." He said, "That would be great."

He was careful with each step he took, away from the rubble to solid ground, nothing in his path that would cause harm or for him to trip over. He felt confident with Charlie by his side. For once that day, the problems that were around them didn't hurt so much.

Elena followed close by, her ears were twitching as she listened to her surroundings. Her nose was straight as she shifted through the many scents of the earth and humans. Her eyes were blazing as they scan from one place to the other.

Kat made her way around the rubble of the command base before taking a right. She glanced back over her shoulder to see the others were not far behind. Times like these she sure wished Doggie was here. He would have words of wisdom to share so they wouldn't need to feel about giving up. She sighed softly.

Walking deeper into the woods leaving their shattered world behind, the small group of survivors made their way to the safe house. It was quiet and a little eerie.

But they weren't alone.


Her ears perked and her head moved when the voice spoke inside her head. The familiarity of his voice was slightly alarming when he should be out looking for their sister not sending voice messages to her. "Lannon?" She almost stopped when he spoke again.

"Don't stop, keep moving. You're being followed." He told her.

"By who?" She asked, trying to keep herself from switching to kill mode.

"Red eyes." He said. "And it's big."

"What do you want me to do? They are in no condition to fight, Lannon."
Elena felt the surge to protect her friend and her new ones.

"I know. That's why Carter and I are coming. We picked up your scent. You've had red eyes on you this whole time. Clever bastard." Lannon grumbled the last words. He hated the demons just as much as the rest of his family. "Take them off the path, Elena. Head straight to the cove. Carter and I will meet you there."

As if he could see her, Elena nodded her head. "Ares." Her voice slammed into his head, rattling him and almost knocking him off his feet.

His hand instantly went to his forehead as Elena's voice came in loud and clear. He stumbled forward but managed to keep his footing. His head snapped to his companion, out of everyone he was ever bonded too Elena was always gentle when they spoke telepathically. He never had to worry about being knocked off his feet or slammed so hard that it might turn his head to mush. "What the hell, Elena..." He pressed his fingers to his temple as the pulse of pain stuck him hard.

Elena ignored his words as she moved ahead of them. "We've got company. We must leave the path."

Those words were like death to his ears. "Whose following us?" He whispered harshly making sure that the others could hear him as well.

"Red eyes and it's big. "

He swallowed the lump in his throat and the color drained from his face as he knew who it was. Any other time he wouldn't be worried but honestly they were in no condition to fight that beast. "Thorex."

"We must get off the path. We must get to the cove. " Elena ordered.


“Fine,” Caleb muttered under his breath.

He fell behind Braxton for a moment, his eyes narrowing slightly at the wolf before him. He held his arms tight over his chest. The only reason he was doing this was to bring Lindy home. He kept reminding himself of this. Once she was home, he wouldn’t have to worry about Braxton for much longer. Maybe even at all. They had kept their distance for plenty of time. Maybe that was going to continue. He exhaled slowly through his nose.

“Lead the way,” Caleb snapped his head in Braxton’s direction. “We need to find her.”


Something was wrong. You didn’t need to be a genius to figure that out. Charlie felt the chill climbing down her spine. The hair on the back of her neck stood on edge. Her body stiffened slightly in terror.

“What’s going on?” She whispered to Ares and Elena. She knew that the wolf would hear her question, though she’d need Ares to answer for her. “Guys, what’s the matter?”

Bridge froze slightly. The sound of a branch snapping behind them rattled through his ears. He swallowed a lump in his throat. They weren’t ready for anything. Not another attack.

“Did you guys hear that?” He struggled to let the words fall from his lips.


Queen of the Underworld
Off in the distance a wolf howled long and low. It's call was to the wind in hopes that it would carry on and reach anyone who could hear.

Braxton came to a stop just as the sound reached him. The familiarity of it vibrated through his body and it was deciphered through his wolf. It was his younger brother Max. He released a call of his own letting him know his message was received and he was on his way.

He turned his head to Caleb. "That was Max. Lindy has been spotted."


"Stick together and keep moving."
Elena said, hearing the branch break. She did her best to keep herself from reacting to the sound. She needed to get them to the cove, a wide open space that would better their advantage against the beast of a demon. "Carter and Lannon are close by."

It took Ares a moment to find his voice and relay what Elena was saying. His thoughts of having to fight Thorex was something he really could not do. The damage he sustained from the collapse of the base hindered him from doing such a task. One wrong move and his broken rib could puncture his lung. He would be useless if he was dead.

He cleared his throat. "We're being followed by Thorex." He whispered loud enough for them to hear. The mentioning of her brother and sister knew that was how she found out. Communication across the wire so to speak. "Elena is to take us to the cove. Reinforcements are on their way."

"Yes. My brother and sister will help me protect you guys." Elena stated. "But we must get to the cove first. He can't discover we know about him."

"She says he can't know we are on to him. We must get to the cove." Ares repeated as he took a step off the path they were walking on. He knew about the cove. He has been to it many times since knowing Lindy and her family. It was a wide open pasture with a cliff, a water hole below it that made the Summer time heat bearable.

His arm instinctively went around Charlie's waist and pulled her closer to him. He turned his head and looked at her. Her terrifying look struck a cord with him. "Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you." He whispered for only her to hear.


"Let's go then."

Caleb nodded his head at Braxton. The wolf's cry wasn't too far out. Lindy had to be close by. The question that was reverberating through his mind was the same: were they going to be able to get her back? The answer kept shifting for him. He was worried that the answer wasn't going to be in their favor.

"Lead the way."


Charlie shivered with fear as she drew closer to Ares. As much as she wanted to keep her cool, she was worried she would be the one to break it. "Don't let me go," She heard herself whisper aloud. "If you keep me close, I won't give us away."